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Mutima Jackson-Anderson |Social Entrepreneur | Author | Advocate
...writing is my solace - my therapy and retreat. Writing is my constant acquaintance. ~Mutima
Painting the Perfect Picture, a Novel

Drenched with thought-provoking visualizations and fused with naked truths, “Painting the Perfect Picture”, is a compelling story of a self-centered woman poisoned by betrayal. Readers will experience how wicked intentions can birth dangerous consequences while taking a look at the world around them.

For many, perception overrides reality - for Rain Henderson, perception is everything!

Beautiful and successful art gallery owner Rain lives a life of luxury as the mistress of wealthy NBA superstar Kevin Spivey. After unexpected detours shattered her picture perfect image, Rain will soon discover that being morally corrupt can produce life-threatening consequences.

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Art of Retribution, a Novel

“There is a certain dichotomy about Cherise Spivey. The timid and shy demeanor that she exemplified before many had all been a façade. Mirroring her nemesis, Rain Henderson, who happens to be her husbands mistress; Cherise is not the only one with an appearance that disguises her authenticity. 

A conniving, calculating woman scorned, Cherise is out for revenge! How far will she travel to condemn Rain with the due punishment she considers to be fully deserved.

Coming Soon, "The Art of Retribution"!

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